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Letterbox Faceplates

Every home has a letterbox, but letterbox faceplates are something to consider when making a wonderful statement about your home. It gives your property a personality and can really change the way you see your home. The Aussie Clotheslines & letterboxes team are here to tell you all about our range of faceplates and how to get started on getting your very own today.

Whether you are wanting a standard faceplate, a nameplate with no slot or something completely custom we are the experts in making the best faceplate for your letterbox. Below you will find what each category of faceplate we create for homes so you can get an idea of what you may be looking for.

Name Plates

If you have a pillar or a wall at the front of your home near your current letterbox but needing your address number and street name visible for people to see? We definitely recommend you getting a nameplate that has no slot that you can install near your letterbox. We have two types of steel to work with, your standard stainless steel option, or your marine grade stainless steel. Both look stunning and the best thing about it is that you can customise the nameplates anyway you seem fit for your home.

We have a variety of size options for you to get a quote on:

  • Any custom nameplate between the sizes of 350mm x 350mm
  • Custom plates between the sizes of 350mm x 350mm & 450mm x 600mm
  • Plates larger than 450mm x 600mm you can get a quote by contacting us

Standard Faceplates
If you are needing a faceplate with a slot for your mail, we will recommend you our standard faceplate option. These look absolutely stunning and we can do a wide range of size differences to suit your house perfectly.

The list below will tell you are size variations (all include rain hood and laser etching)

  • 390mm wide x 190mm high with 340mm slot
  • 290mm wide x 190mm high with 240mm slot
  • 390mm wide x 430mm high with 340mm slot
  • 390mm wide x 430mm high with 240mm slot
  • 600mm wide x 300mm high with 340mm slot
  • 600mm wide x 300mm high with 240mm slot
  • 450mm wide x 600mm high with 340mm slot

Custom Faceplates
Now, if you are after something completely custom, unique and special for your home, we would suggest getting a quote from us for our custom faceplate range. We have a huge variety of options for you to go by and the best thing about it is that everything from the size, writing and the design is completely decided by you.

Here is the list of what you can freely do with a custom faceplate:

  • Custom made for each order
  • Size, and design is decided by you
  • Laser etched or laser cut with backing plate
  • Right angle bends
  • Front opening designs are available

There is so much you can do with a faceplate, and it is only fitting that you should find out more information by giving us a call on 1300 138 610 or by getting a quote from here. We look forward doing business with you and making your faceplate make your home truly unique.

  • Dec 12, 2016
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