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Regular use and exposure to the elements can cause clothesline cord to deteriorate, sag, split or snap over time. Even the wire of Traditional Galvanised Rotary Hoists may eventually need replacing after years of wear and tear. 

In the spirit of the planet-friendly mantra Reduce Reuse Recycle, rejuvenating your old clothesline should always be considered before replacing it with a whole new one.

Re-stringing - also called rewiring or re-cording - is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your ageing clothesline. 

Wire is used only on Traditional Galvanised Rotary Hoists, while cord is used on all other models of clothesline. Good quality Australian-made replacement cord will last a lot longer than cheaper brands and can be purchased in different lengths for DIY replacement. 

We can advise on the right length of cord you need for your clothesline, then have a go yourself. If you have any questions give us a call on                1300 138 610 and ask one of our customer support experts.

If you prefer the help of an experienced Installer, Aussie Clotheslines & Letterboxes has been servicing the whole of the Perth Metro area for over 26 years, and we restring and rewire all brands and model of clothesline, other than on the odd occasion where the parts required are now obsolete. 

Clothesline Restring and Rewire Service is available for all styles and models including:

Cost of Clothesline Restring and Rewire Service

Cost of restringing or rewiring varies between $148 and $198 depending upon the style of clothesline and amount of cord or wire required. Replacement line clips are occasionally required for Folding Rotary Hoists for a small additional fee and other parts are available in stock if necessary - we have a huge range of new and used replacement parts for most brands and models of clothesline commonly found across the Perth metro area.

The fee for an experienced clothesline technician includes:

  • Inspection to assess clothesline integrity
  • Removal of the old cord or wire
  • Replacement with new premium quality Australian-made polycord or galvanised wire
  • Customised service depending upon your clothesline
  • Full 12-month 100% customer satisfaction warranty on all repairs and workmanship 

Contact us to book your clothesline restring or rewire by phoning           1300 138 610 or emailing sales@aussieclotheslines.com.au and we can restore your old line to as good as new.

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