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Larger items:
Delivery of larger items is available throughout the Perth Metro area (see our service area map) for a flat fee of $52 or items can be collected from our store in Joondalup, Western Australia.
Delivery elsewhere throughout regional WA and interstate and fee is calculated by size and weight of the item/s as well as delivery location so phone us for a Free Quote.

Smaller items:
Parts and accessories are also available instore or can be posted for standard postage and handling fees of $16 inside Perth Metro Area or $22 for regional and interstate deliveries. Products are posted upon receipt of payment and should arrive within 7 working days within Australia. 

Once installation has been requested, we will contact you within 24 hours to organise a suitable installation date. Our installation service includes delivery, assembly and installation as well as cement and removal of pavers for ground installations, and glue or fixings for wall installations. Extra charges may apply in outer metro areas. 

  • Clotheslines: All brands and models including wall mounts and ground mounts. With a tricky spot we can customise to fit the space.
  •  Letterbox Plates & House Signs: Huge variety of sizes and styles available. Glue is available for purchase if you'd like to install your plate yourself, or we can attach it for you. 

When removal of an existing Clothesline or Letterbox is required, we unbolt the unit from from the wall or cut the posts off at ground level, then dismantle, remove and dispose of it for you off-site. 

It does not always include the removal of original concrete footings unless this can be done easily and safely for the Installer and wouldn't negatively impact the site. Instead, the old unit is cut off below ground level and made safe by smoothing over the edges. This prevents future sinking of ground level at the site over time and helps to provide a secure footing for the new clothesline.

When an existing Clothesline or Letterbox still has some life left in it and is not ready for upgrading or replacing, we can remove and relocate it to a new position - either in your yard or someone else's.



  • These services are only available throughout the Perth Metro area. See our Service Area Map for the areas we cover.
  • Our Installers are experienced and professional and their work is covered by a genuine 12 month warranty.
  • These services are optional extras, each carrying a fee additional to the purchase of the unit.
  • Wall-mounted clotheslines cannot be mounted to Hebel brick.
  • Removal of large rocks onsite not included.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to advise the Installer of the location of any underground services prior to any work being undertaken (i.e. plumbing, reticulation or electric cables).

See our full Terms and Conditions for more detail.



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