We assemble and install  

How it works

1. Select your new clothesline, letterbox or faceplate from our wide range.

2. Order online, via email to enquiries@aussieclotheslines.com.au or phone              us on 93003014

3. One of our team will be in contact within 24 - 48 hrs to arrange delivery and          installation at a time that suits you. 


What's included 

Assembly and installation of your clothesline, letterbox or faceplate
- includes supply of cement for ground installations or fixings for wall installations.

The dismantling, removal and disposal of an existing unit will incur an additional charge and includes cutting off at ground level or unbolting from the wall. 

Terms and conditions

•             This installation service is an additional cost to the purchase of the unit

•             It is the customer's responsibility to advise of the location of any                            underground services prior to any work being undertaken 
              (location of plumbing and underground electrical cable)

•             Wall-mounted clotheslines cannot be mounted to Hebel

•             Removal of clothesline includes cut off at ground level and does not                       include removal of concrete

•             Removal of large rocks on installation site not included

•             Additional charges may apply beyond those stated above as per the t                    terms and conditions