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What we do

Where possible, rejuvenating your old line should always be considered before replacing it with a new one. So if the parts are available, we can fix it.

We are so passionate about recycling and reducing waste that we keep a huge stash of pre-loved parts on hand for older models we respect too much to throw out for landfill.

All repairs are covered by a 100% satisfaction-assured 12 month warranty on workmanship.

Resurrection of Galvanised Rotary Hoist
- Storm damage repair
- Bottom post replacement
- Top post replacement
- Wind-up repairs
- Gear-box servicing

Repair of Folding Rotary Clothesline
- Arm replacement
- Handle replacement
- Latch replacement
 -Cross pack replacement

Repair of Folding Frame Clothesline
- Arm replacement
- Strut replacement

Repair of Retracting Clothesline
- Tensioner repair
- Mountbar replacement

Restringing and Rewiring Service
Rewiring the cord is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your existing clothesline if it still has some life in it and is not ready for upgrading just yet. Our Installers are familiar with all brands and models.

Our fee includes the labour, service and clean, plus premium replacement polycord or galvanised wire, and varies slightly depending on the length required. Replacement line clips for Folding Head Rotaries are an extra small charge if required. 

Spare Parts
We have a huge range of new and used replacement parts for most brands and models of clothesline found in the Perth suburbs. 


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