How long from ordering will it take for Aussie Clotheslines and Letterboxes to do the install?

Depending on current levels of demand, we can usually install within 7 to 10 business days of the order being placed.

Why can’t I book in an exact time for my install?

Due to the constantly changing nature of our work, it is difficult for us to designate a precise time for an installation. We do however call on the evening prior to the installation to inform clients of the approximate time of install. If given enough notice we can organise an install to be either AM or PM.

I want to have a clothesline installed, do you remove my old clotheslines?

Yes, we can remove and take away the existing clothesline for $50, if we are installing the new clothesline at the same address during the same appointment.

What areas do you offer installation?

We install within the Perth Metro area. If you are outside the Perth metro area and require installation, you can call our office on (08) 9300 3014 to discuss the possibility of installation with one of our staff members.

What do I need to know in order to determine which wall mounted folding frame clothesline is the best for my area?

If you want to have a wall mounted clothesline, you need to determine the length along the wall available and the depth out from the wall. Keep in mind that wall-mounted folding frame clotheslines can go over gutters and obsolete windows, but must be a minimum of 300mm from gas hot water system depending upon the model.

I have a fence that I want to install a folding frame clothesline onto. Is this possible?

Most councils prohibit attaching any structure to a Colorbond boundary fence. If you want to use the area against a Colorbond fence your best option is to install posts against the fence and have the clothesline fold off the posts. It may be possible to install your clothesline onto a single brick parapet or adjoining boundary wall, but it is advisable to get your neighbour’s written permission beforehand.

What height should a clothesline be installed at?

Our installers will normally install a clothesline to be at a height of 1.8m. Our installers can install the clothesline lower or higher than this if required.

I have a very narrow area that I would like to fit a clothesline, but I’m not sure what would fit.

With such a large variety of sizes and styles available, there is bound to be a clothesline to fit your area. If not, most folding frames can be tailored to suit.
If you are unsure of whether you can fit a clothesline in a narrow area, call our office on 1300 138 610 to discuss possible a customised solution.

I have a cement path down the side of my home and not enough wall space to wall mount a fold down clothesline. Is there an alternative?

Depending upon the space available, there are a several options of either retracting or folding frame clotheslines that can be fitted down narrow areas.
If wall-mounting is not possible & there is no soil, grass or lift-able paver for ground-mounting in the chosen area, it may be possible for posts to be attached to an existing concrete surface with either the addition of plated steel feet bolted to the ground or core drilling into the concrete.


What does the installation of a stone letterbox involve?

The installation of a stone letterbox includes the installation of a concrete slab, the use of a hydraulic crane to lift the letterbox onto the slab and the sealing of the letterbox.

How hard is it to install a stone letterbox myself?

The normal sandstone letterboxes can weigh anything up to 150kg, so they are often very difficult to transport home, let alone install.

How long from ordering does it take to have a sandstone letterbox ready?

It generally takes at least 7 days to make up a sandstone letterbox. If we have the specific sandstone letterbox in stock at the time of order, installation might be possible earlier

How long from ordering does it take to have a multibank letterbox ready?

It takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to make a multibank letterbox depending upon the complexity of the design.


What are your standard sized faceplates?

We have a range of standard sizes which you can see here.

What quality stainless steel are your faceplates made out of?

Our Plates are made out of 2mm marine grade stainless steel.

How do you do the lettering on the faceplates?

Our default method is by laser etching. Laser cutting, and vinyl writing is also available.

Can you make custom faceplates?

Yes. Send through a drawing to our email ( or tell us the size specifications of what you are after, and we can give you a direct quote.

How long does it take to make a faceplate?

If you choose a standard size, it will likely be done within 1-2 wks. A customised size or design will likely take 3 weeks.


Can’t see the answer to your question here or want more information? See our Clothesline Selection Guide for more information or Contact Us on 1300 138 610.