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Customised House Signs

House Signs can be custom-made to your specifications - choose your own size and design limited only by your imagination.

Optional extras include but are not limited to:
- Marine-grade 316 stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium plate
- Choice of laser cut, laser etching or vinyl decal in any Word font
- Brushed or polished mirror finish
- Dimensions of your choice
- Internal rain-hood
- Alternate mail slot size or position
- Logos or artwork
- Right angle bend
- Telescopic internal insert
- Front-opening or rear-opening door with key-lock
- Laser cut apertures for security control panels or newspaper slots

Glue is available for purchase for DIY or ask about our Installation Service.

Smaller plates are suitable for DIY, however we recommend professional installation by experienced installers for larger or more complex plates.

For a bespoke Customised House Sign tailored to your specifications, complete a Quote Request or tell us what you have in mind and send your measurements and/or drawings to info@aussieclotheslines.com.au

N.B. Installation Service available in Perth Metro area only. 

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