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Top 10 tips for getting the most out of your expensive activewear.

If you are like us, you are either dressed like you are going to the gym, or you really are going to gym! Either way, it is important to look after your exercise gear to ensure that they keep looking and feeling good and like new after every wash.

1. Lock in colour
Some colours are not colourfast so when washing activewear for the very first time, pre-wash separately in cold water with one tablespoon of salt to lock in the colour and prolong the colour intensity of the garment.

2. Odour
If odour is a concern, adding half of a cup of vinegar into the wash is effective in eliminating smells.

3. Chemicals
Don't use bleach and only wash with mild detergent

4. Be Gentle
Handwashing is preferable as washing machines can be quite harsh, or wash inside-out with like colours in mild detergent using the gentlest cycle possible.
Unfasten any buttons and remove removable padding before washing.

5. Don’t Delay
Wash after each use as deodorants may bleach the fabric. Don't soak or leave wet, and line dry without delay.

6. Cold Wash
Washing clothes in hot water can cause sweat or blood stains to set in the fabric, so a cold water cycle is best. Cold water also prevents shrinkage which can still occur in pre-shrunk garments. Ironing is also not recommended as the heat can damage the fibres.

7. Laundry Bag
Wash activewear in a garment bag where possible to help keep the shape and protect your expensive activewear from catching on zips and clips.

8. Line Dry
Never put activewear through the tumble dryer which will damage the fabric, reducing the elasticity and longevity of the items. Instead, straight after the wash, hang them inside-out and dry in a well-ventilated area in the shade away from direct sunlight.

9. Fabric Softener
Do not use fabric softener as this inhibits the wicking capabilities in technical fabrics.

10. Drycleaning
Drycleaning is damaging to the fabric and is contraindicated for these garments.

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