There’s a range of details that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a new faceplate, so the team at Aussie Clotheslines and Letterboxes are going to take you through all the variations.


Marine Grade 316 Brushed Stainless Steel

All our faceplates are made in Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel so they won’t rust. However regular cleaning is essential to keep the plate looking its best, especially if you’re living near the coast. Our faceplates come standard with a Brushed Finish or can be polished for a Mirror Finish.


Plate Size

It is preferable to plan the plate size before building your letterbox. If you’re adding a new faceplate to an existing letterbox or wall, we suggest cutting out a piece of cardboard to your preferred dimensions to get an idea of how it will look. Make sure to allow a (minimum) 50mm border all the way around the plate.


Slot Size

* Choose your slot size – most popularly either 240mm or 340mm wide, both of which comfortably accommodate A4 mail.
* The mail slot can be on either the Left-Hand side or Right-Hand side of the plate.
* Consider placing mailslot on RHS, with your street number on the left and street name below, so that your Address will read left to right.


Rain Hood & Telescopic Insert

Our rain hoods protect your mail from the weather and any potential mail theft, and the telescopic inserts will help to stop any moisture or mildew from seeping in through the brickwork. Our telescopic inserts also include a key-lockable back with 2 keys provided.


Laser Etched or Laser Cut?

Laser Etched:
* Greater choice of fonts available
* Suits plates with a brushed finish

Laser Cut:
* Choice of coloured backing plate
* Takes more time to mount due to the backing plate
* Limited fonts available
* Suits plates with a brushed or polished mirror finish.


Font and Text

We give you the option to use wording, numerals or graphics and whether you prefer bold or italics. If you choose a faceplate with laser etching, you’re able to use any font on Microsoft Word.

Yes, text size can be tailored to fit onto any faceplate, but be mindful that the more the text, the smaller the text may have to be to fit the plate. Our expert staff can advise you on the recommended size that would best suit your plate of choice.


Wall Preparation & Installation

Faceplates are installed after any render and painting have been completed. Our experienced installers can attach this for you or if you prefer you can do it yourself.

The standard costs for a stainless steel faceplate at Aussie Clotheslines range from $250 to $595 (incl GST), keeping in mind additional charges apply for; a 90 degree bend, a newspaper hole and polished mirror finish.


The experienced team at Aussie Clotheslines and Letterboxes are more than happy to answer any questions/queries you might have about our stainless steel faceplates, so call us on 1300 138 610 or visit our Joondalup Showroom today.

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