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There are a few details that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a new Letterbox Plate or House Sign.


1. Location

Plates made from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel or Powder-coated Aluminium won’t rust, however regular cleaning is essential to keep the plate looking its best, especially for properties in coastal areas. 

Brushed Stainless Steel Fascia
To remove marks or stains, use a stainless steel cleaner - spray on a soft cloth
and polish the stainless steel gently in the direction of the grain.
Stainless steel can become stained or discoloured over time, particularly in coastal locations, but this 'tea-staining' can generally be prevented by cleaning the plate regularly.
When tea staining occurs, and if caught early enough, car polish does a good job without fading the etching. 
A silicon spray like WD40 can also be used to protect the steel after etching.

Powder Coated
To remove marks or stains, the best solution is a mild detergent and water with a soft cloth.

Polished Stainless Steel
Clean with a soft cloth and some water.
For stubborn stains, a little stainless steel cleaner sprayed onto the soft cloth should remove the stain.

ASSDA FAQ 6: Technical notes on Tea-staining
ASSDA FAQ 2: Cleaning your indoor Stainless Steel


2. Plate Size

It's preferable to plan the plate size before building your letterbox. When adding a new plate to an existing letterbox or wall, cut out a piece of cardboard to the preferred dimensions to get an idea of how it will look. Make sure to allow a (minimum) 50mm border all the way around the plate. Most bricked letterboxes are not completely level on all sides so going right up to the edges will emphasise any lack of symmetry.


3. Slot Size and Position

Standard letterbox slot widths are either 240mm or 340mm wide, both of which comfortably accommodate A4 mail.
The mail slot can be positioned centrally, or to the left or right of the plate. If possible consider placing the mail slot on the right-hand side, with the street number on the left and street name below, so that the address reads better from left to right. A centred slot is used most often on plates with a narrow portrait orientation. Once again a cardboard template is the best way to try this out before committing.


4. Weather 

Rain hoods add interest to the plate and protect the mail from the weather as well as potential mail theft. External rain hoods are more effective than internal and certainly better than none at all. Consider the direction the letterbox is facing and decide if rain is going to easily enter the mail slot. 

Telescopic inserts are not always used but are a great way to stop any moisture or mildew from seeping in through the brickwork and damaging the mail. Our telescopic inserts also include a key-lockable back with 2 keys provided.


5. Signage Method

Laser Etched:
Greater choice of fonts can be used
Best suits plates with a brushed finish

Laser Cut:
Choice of coloured backing plate for interest
Takes more time to mount due to the backing plate
Limited fonts are suited to this method
Suits plates with a brushed or polished mirror finish.


6. Style

Signage can incorporate lettering, numerals or graphics, bold or italics. Plates with laser etching can use any font found on Microsoft Word.

Text size can be tailored to fit comfortably on the plate, but be mindful that with more text, the size will need to reduce to fit. Ask us for assistance with working out what size would best suit your plate.

Optional extras can include a 90 degree bend, newspaper aperture or polished mirror finish. 


7. Wall Preparation 

Plates should be installed after any render and painting have been completed. Our installers can attach it for you or if you prefer to do it yourself we can advise on the best glue to ensure a secure bond that will survive our harsh Australian climate.


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