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Laser Cutting, Laser Etching and Vinyl Lettering are the three methods we use to add text to our Letterbox Plates and House Signs. Each has it's own charm so choose the one that appeals most to you.

Laser Cutting uses the heat from a laser beam which cuts all the way through the metal plate to create a cut-out shape, numbers and/or letters. A coloured backing can be added behind for effect and is included with the plate. Installation is more complicated with a backing plate as it adds depth which then needs to be set into the mounting surface. Laser cutting is also used to create apertures for doorbells and intercom stations. 



Laser Etching on the other hand is when the text is basically 'tattooed' into the surface of the plate without cutting into the metal. The plate can then be installed flat against the mounting surface.



Vinyl Lettering is another way to add signage to Letterbox Plates and House Signs. These customised self-adhesive stickers are made with UV stable inks & vinyls to ensure your signs will last longer and making them equally suitable for both indoors or outdoors. Vinyl lettering is also a great way to freshen up old, faded or damaged signage without replacing the whole plate.

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