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Hills Everyday Rotary Handle


Handle Assembly (Replaces FD902926 - 100628)

Refer to the above image to replace the handle on models with plastic casings on them

Suitable for Clothesline Models:

  • Foldaline Rotary
  • Villa Everyday Rotary
  • Quick Dry Rotary
  • Dry Master Rotary
  • Compact Courtyard Rotary
  • Supa A Hoist
  • Everyday Rotary 

Does not suit models between produced between 1986 and 1989

Screws are NOT Included: If  your existing screws are lost, you will need 2 x self drilling 4.2 x 12mm pan head screws.

 - UV resistant plastic
Colour - Black

Item Code: 2747533
Product Code: FD903590

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