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1. Overloaded with linen
To help keep your linen cupboard organised and tidy, place the folded fitted sheet and pillowcase inside the other pillowcase.


2. Keep dress pants off the floor
Fed up with seeing your nice dress pants on the floor every time you open up the wardrobe? Then try out this neat little trick.



3. Speed up time in the dryer
On those cold winter days when you find yourself needing to use the dryer, add a dry towel into the mix; this will help absorb the moisture and reduce machine drying time.


4. Pearly whites
We suggest adding a cup of vinegar into the wash with you whites to bring out their inner sparkle.


5. How to fold a fitted sheet
The dreaded fitted sheet. Folding this has never been an easy or neat task…. until now!



6. Keeping in shape
If your favourite jumper has lost its shape, try adding a dollop of hair conditioner to a warm wash cycle and then lay out flat to dry.


7. Removing grease stains
Rub the grease-stained area with white chalk or baby powder and then wash as you normally would.


8. Tennis balls
Do you wash your pillows and quilts? Try throwing 1 or 2 clean tennis balls in the dryer with these items to help give them their ‘fluffiness’ back.


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