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Without the summer sunshine to dry your clothes what do you do? Let's look at some alternatives, so your electricity bill doesn’t shoot through the roof. 

If your only outside under-cover drying area also serves as an entertaining area, a portable clothesline might be the solution. These clotheslines have plenty of line space and are easy to fold up and store away when your dinner party guests arrive. Portable clotheslines are perfect for drying clothes inside too, you can simply place it near the heater to help speed up the drying process.

If you do decide to use the clothes dryer for some of your washing (eg: the towels), why not fill up the portable clotheslines with smaller pieces of clothing and pop it in front of the dryer…... utilise the fan on dryer, the wind/ventilation will help to dry your clothes.

Perhaps you’re thinking of utilising the garage space. Consider a retractable clothesline that’s long enough to fit any size bed sheet, narrow enough to still be able to fit both your cars in the garage at the same time, and has enough hanging lines for several loads of washing.

Maybe you live in an apartment complex with a balcony, or a townhouse with a courtyard, you would be better suited with something smaller and more compact like a folding frame clothesline.

Despite the predominantly cold and rainy days that come with winter, we do get a fair share of sunny days that pop up in the middle of winter, so don’t rule out the rotary clothesline. With a minimum of 36 meters of line space, they can hold numerous loads of washing.

Aussie Clotheslines have a wide range of clotheslines in Perth that are suitable for under-cover areas - and if it doesn’t come in the size you need, it can be tailored to fit!

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Aussie Clotheslines have a solution for all your winter washing needs.

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