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In today’s society, we don’t use the old-school method of sending mail as much as we used to. But even as time goes on and the majority of our communication happens online, letterboxes are still a must-have, and every home and property has one. I mean really, could you imagine not having one?

While its primary objective is to keep your mail safe, choosing a stylish letterbox will also maximise your curb appeal.

Choosing the right letterbox for your home is just that bit harder these days with such an extensive range of options available, where do you even start?

That’s why we have put together a few tips to help make your choice easier.



Features to Consider

Lockable! Make sure your letterbox is lockable to keep your mail secure.

Do you get monthly magazines delivered? Keep this in mind when choosing the slot size - a bigger slot may be required.

How about the newspaper, do you get this delivered daily? Perhaps a newspaper tube would come in handy.

Make sure your property number is clearly displayed on the front and sits in a position easily seen by the postie.

What about an external rainhood to protect the mail from the weather?

Do you want a custom faceplate added?

The list goes on...

Materials & Mounting Type

Letterboxes can be post mounted, wall mounted, fence mounted, pillar letterboxes, or bricked-in, depending on what best suits your needs.

If you live in an apartment or townhouse block, be aware you will most likely need to match the style of your fellow residents.

Consider the weather your letterbox will have to endure over time and your surroundings. If you live near the ocean, your letterbox would need to be rust resistant.

At Aussie Clotheslines & Letterboxes we have a stylish range of sturdy sandstone letterboxes. Constructed from quality materials, these letterboxes are made locally in a variety of sizes in natural sandstone colour, with optional texture-coat colours available. Sandstone letterboxes are solid and made to last.

For more information, visit our friendly staff at our Joondalup showroom they will assist you will all the advice and guidance you need to choose the right letterbox for your property.
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