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So you've recently built a brand new home, or you’ve just renovated. Maybe you have moved into an already established house, either way, you need a clothesline installed, rewired or repaired in Perth.

Are you having trouble finding somewhere to fit a clothesline?

Do you know where you want your clothesline to be installed, but can't see how it will fit?

Aussie Clotheslines can help you find the perfect creative solution for purchasing and installing your new clothesline today.

We have a fantastic range of lines for you to select from depending on where you want the clothesline installed in Perth - indoor or outdoor. How many people live in your household, do you want it to fold down up against the wall when not in use? The list goes on.

Have a think about the area you want to install your new clothesline, and our friendly staff will help do the rest.

For example:-

  • Do you have "the perfect area" easily accessible from your laundry but you think it's too narrow to fit a clothesline?
  • Has the architect designed a drying court that doesn’t have enough space to fit a clothesline?
  • Is the only space you can find right next to your entertaining outdoor area or in full view from your kitchen window?
  • Perhaps you have exposed aggregate or poured cement right where the legs of the clothesline should be installed?
  • Is there a hot water system on the wall right in the perfect spot for your new clothesline?

At Aussie Clotheslines we come across these "frustrating" scenarios every day, and we know that deciding on the right clothesline in the right space for your home can be a nightmare.


Aussie Clotheslines have been solving these

problems since 1994.

Where to start?

  1. Have a look at our fantastic clothesline range online.
  2. Narrow it down to a few options; and
  3. If you still can't decide, call and speak to one of our friendly and experienced team members.

Contact us with your clothesline and letterbox installation, repair & rewiring questions today by calling, 1300 138 610 or contact us directly online — Perth's Clothesline Installation company solving all your washing line problems and concerns. Taking the hassle out of Perth Clothesline Installations.

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