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Are snails eating your mail?
These guys can do so much damage in just a few hours - literally making your mail unreadable.

Let us help! Aussie Clotheslines talk you through all out top tips for ridding of snails from your letterbox.

Kick em’ to the kerb (not literally)

Manually removing snails by hand, but where do you put them? If you put them in the garden, they generally eat your herbs and plants! You could put them on the side of the road, or we suggest putting them in your gutters where the local birds can swoop down and grab them.

Rubber bands

Place one thick rubber band or alternatively a few smaller ones in your letterbox and voila no more snails! It’s thought that they don’t like the smell of the rubber, but either way, they stay away.

Coffee grounds and Eggshells

If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly option - how about coffee grounds. After you’ve made yourself a delicious coffee in the morning, keep the excess grounds. You can either sprinkle the coffee inside your letterbox or perhaps try scattering it around the base of your letterbox and surround plants to help stop the snails from making their way up to your letterbox. Crushed eggshells are like broken glass to snails! Scatter these throughout your letterbox and watch the snails disappear.

Copper tape

Try placing a lengthy piece of adhesive copper tape around the base of pots, greenhouses and garden beds or anywhere snails are populated to aid as a barrier from these little pests. This is not a proven deterrent on its own but its fruit, vegetable and pet-friendly.


If you find yourself resorting to ye ole faithful snail pellets, keep in mind these are poisonous for kids and pets. Store the box in a high place out of reach of little fingers and paws, and certainly, don’t lick the mail.


*Our best tip: If you’ve exhausted all options, train the snails to only eat the bills and accounts!

Aussie Clotheslines and Letterboxes have an extensive range of letterboxes available. Check out our website and if you wish to discuss your options further, call our office on 1300 138 610 or visit our friendly staff at our Joondalup showroom.

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  • I just wish they would eat all the bills and accounts not just nibble around the edges.

    BArbara mCdougall on

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