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The summer months can really hike up the electricity bills, with the frequent use of air-conditioners and swimming pools to keep ourselves cool, calm and collected. There's a few things you can do around the home to make your summer a little more eco-friendly, here’s our top tips.

Natural Lighting

With the sun rising earlier and setting later in the day we have access to natural sunlight for many more hours in the day, so why contribute more to the electricity bills by turning on the light, when you can simply open the curtains or blinds and whola!
Halogen lights are not energy efficient. They increase your electricity bill not just from direct use, but they also increase heat within your home which then perhaps has you using the air-conditioning more frequently. Make the switch to LED lights if you haven't already, the environment will thank you.

Indoor Plants

Not only to indoor plants liven up the place, but they also help to fight air pollution. Given that we spend a vast majority of our day inside, air quality matters and it’s likely to be worse than most people realise. You can’t always see air pollution, but that doesn’t mean it's not there. Plants draw-in air particles and carbon dioxide, which they then process into oxygen and omit back into the room. Some potting soils are also proven to have cleaning purposes.

The Peace Lily (shown below) is one of the most effective indoor plants for cleaning polluted air. They are very low maintenance, and the leaves even give you a heads up when they need water, by drooping.


Use the Clothesline

Why use the dryer in the middle of summer, when it’s not cold, and it’s not raining. Not only will you unnecessarily hike up the power bill by the direct use of the dryer, but again you’ll just heat up the house when it’s probably already warm enough. Try hanging the washing out on your clothesline earlier in the morning or late afternoon once the sun isn’t at its worst, and you’ll find your darker clothes won’t fade so much, and the towels won’t go hard from the direct sunlight.



Pictured above is the Austral Foldaway 51.
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Plant Trees and Shrubs

Did you know, the north, east and west sides of your home soak up the most heat during the day and then radiate the heat back at night. As suggested by Recycle Right - “Try a ground cover or shrubs alongside walls and windows instead. Your garden can really help to reduce the heat around your home.”

Image Source: Recycle Right


Aussie Clotheslines are an environmentally friendly company. We offer many different types of clotheslines all tailored to suit your circumstances. We have indoor and portable clotheslines perfectly suited for winter, and large rotary clotheslines ideal for big families. We encourage all our customers to think eco-friendly, use your clotheslines over the dryer where possible.

You can view our full range of clotheslines online, or visit our Joondalup Showroom. Summer is right around the corner, get your home prepared.


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