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Gone are the old days of a rotary clothesline monstrosity in the middle of your backyard, getting in the way of kids backyard cricket matches. These days, clotheslines are much more functional and adaptable and they can be neatly folded away when not in use.

We have four types of clotheslines; retractable, fold down, rotary and portable. With so many options available there is guaranteed to be a clothesline suited to your needs. Let's look into this a bit further.  


The Retractable clothesline is best suited for narrow and small areas. The polycord lines are housed in a cabinet that is mounted on either a wall or post. Also referred to as an Extendaline, Slimline or Retractaway, the Retractable clotheslines has a minimum extension of 2 metres and a maximum of 6.5-10 metres depending on the model. Retracted and stored out of sight when not in use, the Retractable clothesline is available from well-known brands like Hills, Austral and Sunbreeze.




Fold Down Frames

The Fold Down clothesline also referred to as a Paraline, Supafold or Folding Frame clothesline is suited to narrow spaces and smaller blocks where space is minimal. The Fold Down clothesline allows you to utilise the space available in garages, laundries, courtyards and balconies for example. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes when not in use can be folded down out of the way.



Rotary Hoists

Also referred to as a Hills Supa Hoist, Austral Super Hoist or the Hills Heritage Hoist, the Rotary Hoist has been regarded as an Australian icon since 1945 and still seen in many backyards today. This clothesline is best suited for large backyards and rental properties as little maintenance is required. The Traditional Rotary is fitted with wire lines to prevent sagging, the height is adjustable and is available in a range of colours. Even with a rotary clothesline, you can still reclaim your backyard area, as the arms simply fold down alongside the post, so the kids still have a backyard cricket pitch.


Portable Lines

Ideal for winter drying and small spaces, the Portable clothesline can easily be moved around as needed. Best suited for balconies, inside homes, under the eaves or garages out of the weather. Great for apartments as the Portable clothesline can be folded up and put away when not in use. The Hills models are designed with holes on the ends for extra coat hanging space, and the City Living model has wheels at one end making it easy to manoeuvre.



We have a wide range of clotheslines available in the above 4 styles. Pop into one our two Perth Showrooms, view our ranges online, or simply call us on 1300 138 610 and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team members. There's no clotheslines problem we can't solve!

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