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Whether you have just built your lovely new home, or you want to upgrade your current letterbox situation, here at Aussie Clotheslines & Letterboxes we can help make your home feel brand new with a stunning customised letterbox plates.

A lot of people take a letterbox faceplate for granted, but it can significantly add towards the visual appearance and prestige of your home. It creates the start of the identity of your home and having a custom made letterbox faceplate, will indeed set yours apart from your neighbours!

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The best thing about our service is that it is entirely up to you how you would your letterbox faceplate to look like. You simply provide us with the dimensions and the design you are going for. So whether you have a traditional home or a more modern property, you can make it fit perfectly with its surroundings. You can select whether or not you would prefer laser cut or vinyl writing and you have the choice of the optional slot and/or rain hood. With our selection of marine grade  stainless steel faceplates, you cannot go wrong!

To get more into the specifics, we have listed some dimensions and other important information to take note of for you to be able to make the perfect custom letterbox faceplate for your home: 

  • The recommended mail aperture dimensions for a faceplate is generally 230mm wide x 30mm height.
  •  For horizontal apertures, the lowest edge should be at least 130mm above the base of the internal space, whereas vertical apertures, the lowest margin should be at least 40mm above the internal space.
  • Australia Post recommends the optional aperture height of 900mm to 1200mm above ground level.
  • A standard brick measures at 230mm wide x 76mm height x 110mm depth.
  • Mortar gaps are around 10mm, a single brick cavity is 250mm wide, 1.5 brick cavity is 370mm wide, and a two brick cavity is 490mm wide. The width of the faceplate should be at least 50mm broader than the width of the cavity hole. Meaning the minimum width for a custom letterbox faceplate covering a single brick cavity should be 300mm wide.
  • When creating your design you can choose to have a newspaper hole, front opening designs and/or right angle bends.

If you would like to find out more information, or if you would like to enquire about designing your own custom letterbox faceplate, our team of experts at Aussie Clotheslines and Letterboxes will be more than happy to help you! Be sure to give us a call on 1300 138 610, or you can visit our design your own faceplate page linked here. We look forward to hearing from you and we cannot wait to get a start on making the perfect faceplate to suit your property!

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  • Hi,

    I am after a large metal plaque to place on the front of a letter box. It will be exposed to the elements.

    I require it to be 15cm x 95.5cm and have the words 26 Goldingham written on it in basic arial font. Are you able to provide such a product and if so what would be the cost?

    Thank you,


    Caitlin Melmeth on

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